Corporate Accounts

Louise Candle Corporate Account

Discover and choose suitable presents for your corporate clients and staff.

Louise Candle Corporate Gift Program

The Ultimate Symbol of Appreciation

Louise Candle, the top-selling and widely recognized candle brand globally, is widely regarded as a premium gift, serving as the ultimate symbol of appreciation. Whether given as an employee incentive, customer gift, or promotional item, Louise Candle's popular products can help your business create a positive and enduring impact, leaving a lasting impression.

Streamlined Process for Gift Selection

We have designed a straightforward process to facilitate the exploration and selection of suitable gifts for your corporate clients and staff. With a dedicated representative assigned to you, we ensure that the process meets your complete satisfaction. Our broad selection of fragranced products and pricing tiers enables you to easily identify the most appropriate solution for your program and budget.

Advantages of Creating a Corporate Account

  1. Discounted Rates for Large Orders
  2. Customized Gift Cards
  3. Shipment of Bulk Orders


Contact Information for Corporate Sales

If you would like to purchase our products for resale in corporate gifting or incentive programs, please contact Louise Candle at +65-97223997 or email them at


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